About the Founding Members

Nitesh Singh

He is an educator by profession and techie by passion. He is a deeply compassionate individual who believes in simple living. He has been very active in social work since very young age of 21. On his own, he has been helping people with blood requirements all over India but on a small and individual level. He realized that to reach and help the masses one has to connect with the masses. Being a very private and introvert in nature, now he decided to come out of his comfort zone to connect with people all across the country and build a network. This gave a formal and organized structure to his individual journey of 12 years. With the strategic use of technology and his knowledge and social networking skills, he started Team S.O.S India.

Nitesh's work featured on CNN International, DW news, DW News, Daily Pioneer, Rediff, Hindustan Times, Times Of India

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Megha Jain

Ms Megha Jain is Founding Member and Chief Legal Officer of TeamSOSIndia. She is LLB from Dr.DY PATIL College Navi Mumbai. She is a semi qualified Chartered Accountant and holds a graduation degree in Commerce from Mumbai University. Her journey as a social worker started 7 years ago where she started working individually or with groups on small initiatives locally. Being interested in event managements, she has organised various cultural events and marathons for a cause. She is driven by compassion, commitment and dedication for social causes. She believes in equality and promotes self sustainability. She aims at providing legal aid to people who are in need and fight for their rights.

Megha's work featured on Free Press Journal, Red FM, Epoch Times

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Himanshu Verma

Himanshu is leading tech initiatives at Team SOS India in the capacity of a Head of Technology. Driven by curiosity, he's always intrigued by the under-the-hood and mysterious workings of any product. This drive, coupled with the passion for generating tech & data-driven innovative solutions, has empowered him to hone his expertise as a data science and analytics professional. Having kickstarted his professional journey by self-learning pragmatically, iteratively learning and delivering results on the go, now he's on the other end of the spectrum, formally demystifying data science black boxes at King's College London as an MSc Data Science student.

Apart from his professional experience and responsibilities at TSI, he holds leadership experience in the volunteering domain in the capacity of Founder of a non-profit initiative, Covid Plasma India (covidplasma.online) for tackling the Covid-19 pandemic. Having led the project for +1.5 years to date, he has focused on establishing a robust tech stack to facilitate day-to-day operations and provide data-driven solutions. With the requirement of tight turnarounds amidst the coronavirus pandemic, he has delivered solutions ranging from building social media bots to establishing API integrations to building ML-based products to handling AWS infrastructure along with data pipelines.

He likes working with innovative, kind and motivated colleagues passionate about steering complex problems and building data-backed products for people and society. If you catch him outside of work, he's a DJ/Producer, indie-maker working on small side projects time-to-time, tech-enthusiast, and an avid traveller (+15 countries)!

Ajayendra Urmila Tripathi

Ajayendra Urmila Tripathi is Chief Information Officer of TeamSOSIndia. He is a software engineer and an investigative researcher, born and brought up in Ballia, Uttar Pradesh. He completed B.Tech in 2010 and Started career as software engineer. Leaving the rat race in 2013 he joined Stop Acid Attacks, a campaign against acid attacks. His compassion towards the cause made him design a social volunteer network “Paltan”.

Afterwards in 2015, Ajayendra joined a digital marketing company as a CTO. Besides this his interest in investigative research led to him exposing various scams like ‘Indian Railways getting 800% slow’, Verification Scam on Twitter, etc. His findings have been published by renowned media outlets like Aaj Tak, Alt News, Dainik Bhaskar etc.

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