About the Founding Members

Nitesh Singh

He is an educator by profession and techie by passion. He is a deeply compassionate individual who believes in simple living. He has been very active in social work since very young age of 21. On his own, he has been helping people with blood requirements all over India but on a small and individual level. He realized that to reach and help the masses one has to connect with the masses. Being a very private and introvert in nature, now he decided to come out of his comfort zone to connect with people all across the country and build a network. This gave a formal and organized structure to his individual journey of 12 years. With the strategic use of technology and his knowledge and social networking skills, he started Team S.O.S India.

Nitesh's work featured on CNN International, DW news, DW News and Daily Pioneer

Megha Jain

She is CA Finalist and a Law Student. Extremely empathetic and soft hearted in nature.